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Pawggles is a product which derived its name from Paw and Giggles. The name suggests that these toys can be put onto the feet (as slippers) and at the same time can be played by children (as a toy).

Kids will definitely love this Pawggles. These are slippers that feel so soft and comfortable on your feet. These are designed with paws which make the kids giggle about it. That is why these slippers are called Pawggles. The designs are likened to adorable animals like the amusing Bront the Dinosaur, charming Ranger the Bear, amiable Mazzie the Unicorn, friendly Fetch the Dog, and funny Taffy the Pink Kitty. These are magical and furry slippers that fits to your children’s feet.

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Pawggles are double stitched that guarantee its durability and can wear it all day. These slippers are safe for kids to use because these have non-slip soles. It can be easily washed in the washing machine. These are available in children’s feet sizes. Pawggles are magical slippers which you can simply pop and open into slippers. These are made of very soft and colorful materials that will make your children adore it more.

These are wonderful slippers which you can give as a gift for your children. You can collect all of these delightfully designed Pawggles and can easily place your order on its official website. Children love animal-designed things and they will be very happy if you give them these Pawggles. Aside from being a slipper, children can use this as a toy too. They can use it as puppet and have fun talking with other animal-designed Pawggles.

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Pawggles Official Site

Pawggles Amazon Site

Kids can run and play with it like the Ranger Bear is hounded by Bront the Dinosaur. Or Taffy the Pink Kitty is throwing bones to Fetch the Dog while Mazzie the Unicorn is looking proudly at them. Kids will surely have lots of fun with Pawggles. They will enjoy these friendly Pawggle slippers and will always make them giggle. There are also Pawggles backpacks that will match the pawggles slippers. They are also designed with these humorous animals like the playful dog, the charming unicorn, the smiling kitty, and the grunting dinosaurs.If you will shop them on the internet, you’ll see your little sister giggling while looking at the laptop. What will make your little siblings giggle are the amusing characteristics of each Pawggles character.

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Your little sister will surely love the cute kitty Pawggles the most. On a special occasion, surprise your siblings or children with a pair of Pawggles characters. Children will boast it to their classmates once you give them these charming Pawggles. These animal-designed slippers and toys really give so much fun to children that every child wanted to get hold and play with it.

Pawggles Official Site

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Pawggles Review

‘Pawggles’ is a curious toy – as curious as its name – for children that doubles up as a pair of slippers. The concept is indeed quite intriguing and works out quite well in practice. Because of its collectible nature, cuteness, and dual functionality (it’s a toy, it’s a pair of slippers), Pawggles has caught on and is all set to become the ‘must-have’ toy this year.

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Pawggles is an amalgamation of ‘Paws’ + ‘Giggles’. The name points to the fact that these plush toys can be worn on the feet as slippers (‘paws’). Children especially like this idea since the plush toys feel great and can be safely worn around the house. Your children can even go to bed wearing these ‘Pawggles’.

Visit Pawggles Official SiteEach Pawggles plush toy pops open and can be converted into a pair of slippers with a single flip. Think of oversized, extra cute bunny slippers – only more comfortable. The slippers feature a non-slip sole, so you can wear them around on slippery floors without any risk, though you probably wouldn’t want to wear them to the bathroom lest they get soaked.

Pawggles are available in 5 different animal shapes, the appropriately named ‘Bront the Dinosaur’, ‘Fletch the Puppy’, ‘Taffy the Pink Kitty’, ‘Mazzie the Unicorn’ and ‘Ranger the Bear’. All these different animals exude cuteness. Besides, the different animal shapes means that Pawggles have the potential to be become popular collectibles – just as the Beany Babies. Besides, Pawggles are designed to appeal to kids, as toys as well as a functional pair of slippers. Additionally, they also function as hand puppets. For such a small package, the Pawggles are quite versatile!

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Pawggles are double stitched, soft and very comfortable. They are available in 6 different sizes, from small to adult. You can dump them into your washing machine should they get dirty (which they will, if you wear them as slippers). While they are targeted towards children, their comfort and warmth as slippers have made them popular even among adults.

Pawggles are among the more affordable plush toys you can find and are priced at $19.99 for a pair (excluding shipping & handling). They make a great gift for children that adults can appreciate as well.


Pawggles are plush toys that double up as slippers. Cute and comfortable, these are ideal for children who enjoy a little dose of fun with their regular slippers. In this review, we will look at some of the salient features of Pawggles.


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